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Dec 18, 2018


Water, color and light are key elements to what we call life. Great human beings have been reflecting upon these topics from the ancient Greeks to Viktor Schauberger, Goethe and others - yet modern science seems to have lost interest in what surrounds us and what gives us life.


My guest is not only an exception but also a true pioneer and expert when it comes to our understanding of water and light. He discovered nothing less than the fourth phase of water beyond solid, liquid and vapor form. Please welcome the professor of bio-engineering and my personal hero: Prof. Dr. Gerald Pollack.


In this episode we are going to discuss these topics in English:


  • How Dr. Pollack stumbled upon his personal interest about water
  • Why modern science doesn't pay much attention to the importance of water for human health
  • What is the fourth phase of water according to Dr. Pollack and why should we care about ?
  • Why did nobody else discover the fourth phase of water / structured water / EZ water before Dr. Pollack?
  • Where does ordered water get formed?
  • The role of hydrophobic and hydrophilic surfaces
  • Different layers of water
  • How water morphs into a hexagonal sheet / honeycomb structure
  • Charged water molecules as a battery for generating energy for human beings
  • How the charge level can be measured
  • Infrared light as a source of structured water
  • How the amount of easy water in the human body can be increased
  • Can external sources like fruits and vegetables provide EZ water?
  • Juicing and spring water as a source of EZ water
  • What's the main difference between Newton's and Goethe's scientific approach?
  • Can EZ water retain photones?
  • What will be the future of Dr. Pollack's EZ water research?


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