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Dec 29, 2018

Modern medicine sees the heart merely as an organ for pumping the blood through the body.


My guest on this episode Dr. Thomas Cowan believes that the heart has a much bigger role for our organism. How does he come to this conclusion? What does it mean for the understanding of the heart and us humans?


In this episode I am going to discuss this topic in depth with Dr. Thomas Cowan. Besides of an MD he is a practitioner of various healing techniques and also passionate about the roots of our human existence. He wrote several books about the human body, the heart, vaccines and other health topics.




Part 1


  • How Dr. Cowan became interested in the human body and the heart
  • Wilfried Hacheney's and Rudolf Steiner's discoveries about the human heart
  • Dr. Cowan's main explanation why the heart can't be a pump
  • Three reasons why existing theories about the function of the heart are physically impossible
  • Why heart failures can be treated successfully with his approach
  • Is there any scientific evidence that the heart is a pump?
  • The seven-sided platonic form of the heart by Frank Chester
  • Why the heart actually doesn't require much energy for pumping blood
  • Why does the heart beat?
  • The vortex structure of the heart



Part 2

  • How the heart organizes chaotic structures in life
  • What makes the blood move in the capillaries?
  • Cases of heart transplants which caused a personality change
  • Why we should trust more in our intuition
  • Why do we have iron in our blood?
  • The electromagnetic field of our heart
  • It's not the brain which is thinking
  • The brain as a storage device and sensory antenna
  • The alchemistical context of sun, gold and the heart



Part 3


  • The heart as an neuroendocrine organ for perception, love and acceptance
  • How monoatomic forms can be measured?
  • The alchemist’s quest for immortality
  • Levitation and gold
  • The connotation of the heart and the fist
  • What makes an artificial heart different?
  • Dr. Cowen's passion about growing food


More information and further links in the shownotes here